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"Through the many years I have known Tim he has proved to be dependable, knowledgeable and resourceful - a great asset for any Microsoft SQL Server project."  - Ken England, Author of numerous SQL Server books.


We can help you:

-Protect your database

-Nurture your database

-Let your database fly

Give your database TLC in the form of PDS.


What  is a Database Administrator (DBA)?


Should you be worried about your database?

  •  Is your database well maintained?

  •  Has it been backed up recently?

  •  Is it performing as fast as it can?

  •  Are all problems being reported ?

If you can honestly answer 'yes' to all the above questions then you need read no further.

PDS effectively addresses a key issue facing companies today:- How do I support my extensive database infrastructure with a restricted budget, internal constraints and/or limited expertise?  At PDS we offload the complexities and minimize the risk surrounding the continual maintenance of mission-critical database systems.  Our remote administration services focus on the cost-efficient answer to two crucial challenges facing IT organizations today:- constant database availability and optimal database performance.

In order to deliver this PDS offers the following core services:-

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